Content Writer (eCommerce) at Gaditek | Interns Pakistan

Job Description

Gaditek is in search of an experienced content writer to take charge of the e-commerce business promotions of one of our brands. In this role, your prime responsibility would be end-to-end ownership of the website, especially the blog. In addition to writing content, you will be responsible for directing traffic to the blog through organic and paid marketing channels. Targets will be set for content writing and performance accordingly.

Once you are here, you will:
* Create Content Calendar for every month and sprint.
* Conduct keyword research through “Ahref” and competitor blogs and identify organic keywords for blogs.
* Develop content for blogs with “Yoast” guidelines on readability and SEO.
* Identify appropriate graphics for the blog publication.
* Publish blog on CMS with proper structure including on-page SEO content including meta descriptions, alt-tags, captions, etc.
* Re-purpose content into social graphics, info-graphics, and Lumen5 video
* Promote blogs on social media and discussion forums for back linking.
* Write product descriptions for new launches and prepare product pages for new additions.
* Write content for campaigns including social post, online ads, email, and landing pages.
* Create web pages including product pages, ambassador pages, and other services pages.
* Maintain, update and add internal links on the blog.
* Measure blog performance and analyze the performance of the articles.
* Create a Monthly Newsletter, utilize blogs published from inventory, design and execute the monthly exercise.
* Demonstrate excellent content production principles and practices.
* Demonstrate a strong work ethic and discipline.
* Analyze published content using Google Analytics and other tools and recommend improvements.

Relevant Experience:
* Bachelors Degree Minimum.
* 2-3 years of core writing experience including content, copywriting, blogging and overall digital marketing.