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Turn yourself into a front-end developer

Looking to stand out in today's competitive job market? Our six-week remote program offers practical experience that can help you get ahead. Join us today and start building your skills for a brighter future.

Real work experience, accessible to everyone.

Experience a transformative internship program that equips you with the skills and expertise necessary for the world's most sought-after careers. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive four-week learning journey, meticulously designed to challenge and elevate your abilities.

Our internship track is carefully crafted by industry leaders, who guide you in honing your skills in the areas that matter most to you. With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you'll gain a deep understanding of the concepts, theories and best practices that drive success in your chosen field. And with real-world apprenticeships, you'll have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge in practical scenarios, thus cementing your learning and building valuable experience.


The only internship program where you be challenged at every bit of your work. You only stay if you prove yourself worthy for it.
- 4 Weeks
- 10 Skills
- 350+ Challenges
- 5 Mini Projects
- Capstone Project

Internship Programs

Build the experience you need.

Experience is key for employers, and the best skills are learned on the job. Our program trains you for the market, by the market. Gain the practical experience you need to succeed in your career.


What you’ll learn

Learn the concepts and skills you need to become a front-end developer. Starting with basic to project development, all gets learned here.

10 Modules

Interns Program

Core modules fits into all what you need to become a front-end developer.

Front-end Development

This program will focus on client-side development, which is also referred to as front-end development. It involves creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for websites or web applications that users can directly see and interact with. Therefore, the learning in this program will revolve around:

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS, CSS3 Flex & Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, ES6 & jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress Project
  • What you will build it from the ground up

    You will apply your learnings with real-world projects and test your knowledge with tailor-made challenges.


    Skills to learn


    Challenges to solve


    Projects to build

    Sample project work by our Intern

    Other Projects

    HTML/CSS Conversion

    Convert a given design into a live version and gain hands-on experience in HTML/CSS conversion

    Responsive Design

    Learn to create a responsive design that works seamlessly on different platforms.

    Bootstrap Design

    Use Bootstrap to develop a part of an application and master the art of creating visually appealing web pages.

    jQuery based App

    In this project, you will create a functional web application using the jQuery library and previously developed HTML/CSS designs.

    What you will master at?

    Stress-test your knowledge with challenges that help commit syntax to memory and help you gain the skills you require.

    Meet your Mentor

    Shahzaib Khan is a Technopreneur, specialized in using cutting-edge web technologies & social-media strategies to bring products & campaigns from concept to a reality.

    By profession a Computer & Information System Engineer, who has been building & implementing Information Systems for the last 10 years.

    Learn more @LinkedIn

    The Interns Community

    We have had this opportunity to build something that is currently being used by a community of more than 45 thousand students.

    This program helped to to develope new skills. Now I have acquired a new taste for programming and want to do more. Also WordPress was quite helpful. I can now freelance and also i am enabled to do a job.

    Muhammad Ibrar Shah

    This internship helped me alot on not just honing my skills, but also gave me the confidence on going out seeking new projects and getting me my first job as a web developer.

    Shaheer Ahmed

    I do really have a great experience with internship, having very amazing learning environment that never let me bore and keep motivating me itself. Thank you so much!

    Khadija Ishaq

    A great opportunity! 100% recommended to those who want to get a head-start in their field! It introduced me to a whole new way of learning while teaching me new skills!

    Maha Jamshaid

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions about the interns spark, the complete learning model or anything related to your career as a software developer, we are here to help you.

    When does the program start?
    The new batch of interns program will start as per the mentioned schedule.
    What will I learn?
    The goal of the program is to make you a proficient react developer with strong team skills and workflows. You'll learn fundamentals of React and built project using it.
    Is program available worldwide?
    Yes, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone. Our program is completely remote and don't have any kind of upfront cost no matter where you live.
    What's the cost of the program?
    Currently, there is no fee to learn for this premium program. It's a completely free of cost program with the certificate.
    How will i be able to access content?
    The program is completely online and you will complete the program through our interns portal.
    Will I get a certificate?
    Yes, after completing your internship successfully you will receive a certificate.