Job Description:

Opportunities available in multiple divisions such as:

– Commercial
– Technology
– Digital
– Corporate Functions
– Corporate Strategy & Transformation
– Finance
– Human Capital Division
– Telenor Global Shared Services

Why should you join Telenor?
At Telenor Pakistan, we give you the opportunity to become a skilled professional in your chosen field of interest. Similarly, our Internship Program is a paid full-time Internship and as an intern you should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment. Here you should expect to gain valuable career building and networking skills. The Interns work would be in any of these 3 categories:

Expert Projects
Research Projects
Core Projects
For the Internship Program, we are looking for diverse, culturally aware, agile, well rounded and problem solving undergraduate and postgraduate students, who wish to work in a challenging environment and bring fresh perspectives on day to day matters.


Create a meaningful experience – This experience will show future employers that you not only have theoretical knowledge, but can also use it in practice.
Explore – Explore different areas within the industry which could provide new direction for your future career.
Learn, Learn, Learn – Get to learn about an industry, the organization, and specific functional area.
Polish your resume – Add a multinational internship on your resume to increase your employability by gaining competitive advantage for your future employment.
Be innovative – Showcase your potential during the internship.
Your Typical day at work

Plan, develop and execute the project you are assigned to.
Attend team meetings on a regular basis.
Assist in brainstorming and idea generation.
Prepare and present reports.
Gather pertinent facts and data, make thorough analyses, and arrive at sound conclusions.
Networking with professionals.
Eligibility Criteria

Education: Should be a recent graduate/post-graduate or currently enrolled in the last semester of a graduate/post graduate program.
Potential Career Path:

For future employability in Telenor Pakistan, all Interns are made part of our active talent pools.

*All successful applicants will receive an online testing link and detailed information form within one of week application deadline.

Apply Before:

31st May, 2018

How to Apply:

To apply and view details, login to your account or register here.