Internship Program at Sportageous | Interns Pakistan

Job Description

Sportageous is now accepting interns for its new internship programme!

What is Sportageous?
T- put it in the simplest of terms, think of all the meme-filled sports websites you see on social media, with those ‘clickbait-y’ posts, and content-less articles, videos and images. Only, think of these posts with content that is smart, fulfilling, intellectually worth your time and most of all, enjoyable! That is Sportageous!
It was launched in Australia in mid-2019 as a platform for curious sports readers, writers and journalists wh- look beyond the ordinary, and aim t- critically assess sports of all kinds. The team at Sportageous brings the most interesting and intelligent analysis on sports of all forms, through written, audi- and vide- formats including interviews with athletes, discussions around niche sports and assessments on mainstream sporting events.

Wh- are we looking for?
We are seeking interns wh- have:
– The ability to think critically and perform a wide-range of ad-hoc and quality-driven tasks.
– The successful applicant must be able to:
a. manage their own time;
b. work independently;
c. follow directions; and
d. take minimal direction t- achieve outcomes.

Ideally, the applicant:
– Is a university student (we recommend first and second year students, in particular, apply),
– Has sound English skills (reading and writing); and
– Has experience using Microsoft Office and/or Google Docs.

Desirable skills that an applicant may have (these are not required t- apply, but if you d- possess these skills as well, that will be a bonus!):
– Experience using audi- and vide- editing software;
– Experience writing opinion pieces and blog posts;
– Skills in Adobe Photoshop or apps like Canva;

Additionally, if you have a keen eye for digital media, an understanding of journalistic writing and, of course, a love for sport, you are the person we are looking for!

What will the Sportageous Intern do?
The successful candidate/s will be expected t- assist the Sportageous team with a wide-range of tasks which may include, but are not limited to:
– Assisting with the writing of critical and effective articles about sports from socio-political, philosophical and historical lenses.
– Assisting the Sportageous team with designing artwork through the use of the Canva software.
– Assisting with vide- and audi- editing.
– Transcribing vide- and audio.
– Reaching out t- athletes and photographers with the support and guidance of the Sportageous team.
– Suggesting and recommending opinions, views and ideas t- the Sportageous team.
– Completing ad-hoc administration tasks, such as sending out emails, and/or completing word and excel documents.
– Leading an internship-long project under the guidance of the Sportageous team.

What will you get in return?

As an intern you will receive:
– Training, advice and support for your own career ambitions and taskings;
– Mentorship opportunities;
– Support with developing your writing skills;
– The opportunity t- work for a fast-growing sports start-up;
– Short working hours, as is expected of an unpaid internship; and
– A project that you will get t- manage over the three months.

Other Details:
The program will initially run for 3 months (12 weeks), with a 1-month probation period. Following this, there will be the possibility t- extend the internship, and depending on the quality of work and resourcing at the time, a wage amount may be offered as well. The successful applicant will be expected to:
– Work 10 hours a week (negotiable).
– Skype call with one or more members of the Sportageous team for discussions once a week (as Sportageous is based in Australia).

We highly encourage you t- reply if you have a disability or are from a minority group. We have a zer- tolerance towards racism, misogyny, and any other form of bigotry, literal and/or inferred, direct and/or indirect. Sportageous does not promote any political party or political organisation.